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November 08, 2013
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Library displays Wile's art

Twice every semester, the Blough-Weis Library displays student artwork on the left wall of the periodicals section. The work of junior art history major and studio art minor Courtney Wiles is currently on display.
"That one over there is my favorite piece," says Wiles as she pointed to a colorful painting of a woman, presumably Wiles, with a bright yellow face with large, midnight blue sunglasses and orange, red, yellow and purple orbs and crescent moons.
On the left lens of the sunglasses there are small orange spheres floating around; on the right lens there is a lone white crescent moon.
According to Wiles, the inspiration for the unique piece came from being outside. She said: "It all came to me, laying in the grass wearing sunglasses, how the sunlight creates little orbs. I thought 'Oh, that's cool to look at,' I always try to look at those."
There are nine of Wiles' pieces displayed at the Blough-Weis library. None of these pieces, or any of Wiles' other pieces, have titles.
Wiles said, "I never name things. I feel the names come out ridiculous."
The Media Art Director of Susquehanna, Jeffrey Martin, asked Wiles if she wanted her to display her work in an interesting way.
"I just gave him my work, and he chose what to display," says Wiles. "I'm actually curious why he chose the pieces he did."
When it came to choosing which pieces of Wiles' to display, Martin said he simply used his judgment to select pieces that would best represent Wiles as an artist.
This inspiration can be seen by the use of primary colors in Wiles' works. However, Wiles pointed out that it's clear she has her own style as well.
Wiles' work is usually designed and created free-handedly, excluding her self-portraits. She takes the time to create sketches of her work before putting them to canvas.
"I don't really care if I 'mess up.' It gives a piece its own look," Wiles said.
She completes an entire piece in one sitting. "It can take a couple of hours or even up to 12. I don't like to spend too much time on it, or it gets boring. I have to be all there all at once," she said.
Student pieces first started being displayed in the Blough-Weis Library two years ago.
Any students interested in having their art displayed in the Blough-Weis Library should contact Martin or stop by his office in the lower level of the library.


Library displays Wile's art

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