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April 11, 2014
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Service club sponsors students

There's a new organization
on campus, and it has arrived
just in time for this weekend's
People Serving People, or
PSP, is a new service-based
organization that aims to fundraise
for the Students Promoting
Leadership and Awareness
through Serving the Homeless,
otherwise known as SPLASH,
while simultaneously raising
awareness about homelessness
as well as providing service
and aid for those experiencing
In terms of fundraising, PSP
works to subsidize the cost of attending
SPLASH, which stands
at $500.00, for future participants
and works to expand opportunities
for first- year students.
PSP attempts to spread understanding
and awareness
for homelessness. It strives to
address any preconceived assumptions
about individuals
experiencing homelessness
and countering those assumptions
with facts.
PSP also helps in sponsoring
campus events and speakers
and offers service trips to
places such as Harrisburg or
Philadelphia. Not only is it a
campus organization, but the
reach of PSP is already proving
to be a long one.
Co-vice president Gabriele
Singh said, "One example of
the way that we have spread
awareness so far during our
time on campus was through
the spreading of facts during
our Cake Pop Sale."
Singh continued: "The
short trips we hope to provide
for students will give them the
opportunity to see what people
experiencing homelessness
face and educate them about
why people may be in these
situations, and how we can
help. It gives them a chance to
do service similar to that which
is done on the SPLASH program,
but will be for students
that are on campus, whereas
SPLASH is for incoming first
year students."
Singh said, "Our goal is to
be able to sponsor speakers
and events such as cardboard
PSP has hosted a bake
sale and cake pop sale in the
lower level of Degenstein to
go towards fundraising for
SPLASH. There will be another
bake sale table in the
basement of Degenstein, she
added, so students are advisedto keep a lookout after Easter break.
"Other concepts that have been discussed include car washes, trivia nights and cardboard city," Singh said. "Even though we have just started up this year, and weren't sure whether or not we would be able to fund any scholarships for the 2014 trip, we will be giving two $100.00 scholarships to students."
These scholarships are not only a testament to the work that PSP has already done, but to the impact that year-round effort will have on other soon-to-be members of the community.
She continued: "The SPLASH scholarship will be need-based. Applicants may choose to be considered for the scholarship on the application for the SPLASH program."
She stated that she views PSP as a great addition to Susquehanna's history of community service, contributing to the work of other student-led organizations on campus.
"I think that People Serving People is important to the SU community because one of our pillars is service. There are so many ways to get involved once on campus, but the SU SPLASH program is a great way for incoming first years to get a lead on being active and engaged members of the community," she said. "People Serving People allows students who may not be able to even consider the program due to its cost, but who are very passionate about the cause, the opportunity to attend SPLASH."
By creating the opportunity for more students to get involved with SPLASH, PSP is encouraging service for their next four years.
She continued: "The trip costs $500, which may be stretching it for incoming students who are already incurring all of the costs associated with beginning college. This scholarship allows more students the opportunity to gain leadership skills through serving individuals experiencing homelessness."
This is not only an organization that is aimed at helping others, though. Singh, herself, has felt the impact of service.
Singh cited her own positive feelings towards the SPLASH program.
She said: "Honestly, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and I have been so motivated to continue serving."
She continued: "It is my personal goal to be able to provide more and larger scholarships each year, in hopes that, no student will be unable to perform service based on his or her inability to afford the SPLASH trip."


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