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April 11, 2014
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SU Greeks compete for everlasting glory

This Sunday will mark the end of Susquehanna's 50th annual Greek Week. Throughout the week, various Greek organizations across campus came together to compete in competitions, raise money for charity and celebrate the end of the academic year.
Sophomore Madison Summers, a member of Alpha Delta Phi, said: "Basically, Greek Week is the idea of a friendly competition between different organizations in Greek life. Sororities compete against each other, and fraternities compete against each other."
While the winners of this year won't be revealed until Sunday, Sigma Kappa and Tau Kappa Epsilon claimed bragging rights as last year's winners during the "Greekalodean" themed week, according to Summers.
Natasha Johnson, the former vice president of programming for the PanHellenic Counsel, explained what goes into the planning of Greek Week.
Booking for the venues for events, including tonight's Airband, happen at the beginning of the year.
"When we can book Weber depends when Greek Week can be," said Johnson.
Greek organizations across campus are involved in the planning and decision-making surrounding Greek Week.A representative from each chapter was on the Greek Week committee that communicated information back and forth between the committee and the members of the chapter. This communication lasted throughout the year to create the events.
This year's theme, The Hunger Games, was voted on by members of Greek organizations on campus. The final choices were The Hunger Games, Disney, Traditional Greek Olympics and Decades. While Johnson was initially concerned about the chosen theme's representation of cut-throat competition, she has seen lots of friendly competition and support throughout the week.
Greek Life Coordinator Alex Federico said: "It hasn't turned out to be an issue. Everyone has been very supportive of each other in all the events. They are supporting other chapters and cheering people on."
Johnson pointed out, for anyone who has read the series or seen the movies, "The Hunger Games" is more than just killing and competition.
"In later books especially, it's more about coming together for their own community," said Johnson.
Greek Week is one of the few times throughout the year that various chapters across campus come together and celebrate Greek life as a whole.
Johnson said: "I think it's really the only time of year that we're all actually completely together. We have people come out and support each other's philanthropy, but this is where we see every member of every chapter make an appearance at least once this week."
Johnson continued: "It's a fun week to promote unity. Once a year, we get everyone in the same spot and have fun."
All students are invited to attend Airband tonight in Weber Chapel Auditorium. The event will start at 8 p.m. and admission is $2 for non-Greek students and $1 for Greek members.


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