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April 11, 2014
Vol. 55 No. 21

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Composers see works performed

The Student Composer's Concert that took place on Wednesday evening in Stretansky Concert Hall offered music composition majors and music performance majors an opportunity to combine their abilities.
The concert included compositions written by Susquehanna music composition majors and was performed by music performance majors, something which junior Matthew Tiramani appreciated.
Tiramani said: "It is kind of an honor to have a piece of mine being performed. It's good to have the faculty noticing the composition program."
According to Tiramani, Lecturer in Music Ilya Blineov spoke with Associate Professor of Music Patrick Long and got students to write pieces for the music performance majors to play.
"I'm pretty excited; this is the fourth or fifth time that my piece will be performed," Tiramani said.
One of the students who performed a piece was junior vocalist Nathan M. Kendrick, a music and voice major. According to Kendrick, he performed a piece by his fellow student Chris McCormick.
Kendrick said: "I'm just a little bit nervous because it's a pretty challenging piece for a vocalist. So, in that respect I'm nervous, but at the same time, we've rehearsed it enough that I'm confident it will go off well."
Kendrick has known McCormick since their first year and are now fraternity members in Phi Mu Alpha, the fraternity for men interested in music on campus. The two have worked closely together, but Kendrick mentioned that this adds on some pressure.
"It adds on pressure a little because you want to do really well for him. You really want to bring the music across," Kendrick said.
However, knowing the composer is more of a positive concept as well. He said, "If you don't really know the composer, it's harder to know what they're trying to convey."
Vocal performance major Susan Safford said she enjoys performing pieces written by fellow students.
Safford said: "My favorite part of the student composers recital is the realization afterwards that all of the pieces performed were written by people whom I sit next to in classes, or eat lunch with, or Snapchat while I'm doing my homework."
Safford also performed McCormick's piece along with Kendrick, which was titled "Scenes from In a Grove."
McCormick took words of Ryunosuke Akutugawa, a famous Japanese writer, and composed his music based on these scenes.
This piece was a favorite of audience member Brooks Johnson, a sophomore.
Johnson said, "It was very entertaining. The music was very powerful."
Overall, the concert consisted of 16 pieces. After each student performed, they would stand up and bow and then point to the composer.
An interesting piece was Matthew T. Labar's "The Loneliness Minatures: I. I Just Need A Person," which was performed by Jamie Marrs. Some audience members who knew Marrs were confused while reading the program, since Marrs is currently studying abroad in Spain. As it turned out, Marrs performed the piece earlier that day and had recorded it. Fellow friends of hers were able to see her perform by watching the piece on a video screen.
Safford said, "The creativity and talent that is so readily available here at Susquehanna is quite remarkable."


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