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April 25, 2014
Vol. 55 No. 22

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Campus celebrates longtime bus driver

Over the years many students and faculty have utilized the shuttle system Susquehanna provides for travel throughout the year. On April 29, one of Susquehanna's shuttle drivers, Joe Erdley, will be celebrating his 75 birthday. This year several students and faculty want to recognize this milestone, as well as his years of commitment to the school.
Mary Markle, administrative assistant for student activities, provided more information about Erdley. Markle said that Erdley has been working for Susquehanna as the shuttle driver for over 10 years. She added that he is Susquehanna's primary driver for a few reasons, with one of them being his availability. "He's retired so he can take a lot of the odd-hour trips, and his flexibility is amazing," Markle said. "He'll take our 4 a.m. to Philly airport. He'll do our midnight pickup from Harrisburg. He's just so accommodating and flexible."
Markle said that Erdley has become an ambassador for Susquehana, specifically with international students and visitors. She continued and said that without knowing other foreign languages, he is able to easily "break down those barriers" as new international guests arrive because of his kind and caring personality.
"We've had international students who made sure they came by to give Joe a gift before they left to go home permanently," she said. "Even our more local students get to know Joe in one trip."
President L. Jay Lemons, who has had Erdley as his driver many times, said that it is a pleasure to recognize and celebrate him.
"Joe Erdley is a wonderful ambassador for the university. He is often the first person that many of our guests meet in their travels to campus. He is friendly, welcoming and a great source of knowledge about Susquehanna and the region," Lemons said.
Lemons continued: "We are fortunate to have someone so dedicated helping with our transportation needs. I know that I am just one of many members of the campus community who Joe has befriended over the years."
Brent Papson, director of student activities, also said that Erdley is a great representation of Susquehanna. "Joe exemplifies the SU way," he said. "He is caring and always willing to go out of his way to help a student, faculty or staff member."
Markle said that Erdley's generosity in the form of welcoming people has touched her personally. "For somebody who is part-time, who comes in as needed, who is not here in the campus community on a day-to-day basis, I think he gets as much as anybody that he represents this University and I think it comes naturally to him to want to be welcoming to people," she said.
April 29 marks Erdley's 75th birthday. Markle said that Susquehanna wants to celebrate and recognize him this year. On Tuesday, April 29, at 3 p.m. a surprise party for Erdley will be held at the Student Activities suite and Mellon Lounge. More information about Erdley's celebration can be found on mySU.


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