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April 25, 2014
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Summer sessions offer course variety, intensity

Susquehanna is offering two sessions of summer classes for students looking to gain more academic credits.
According to David Kaszuba, associate professor of communications and the summer program director at Susquehanna, classes will be offered in an intensive and regular session over the summer. Kaszuba said: "Some classes are offered during the intensive four-week session from May 12 to June 7. Others are offered during the regular seven-week session from June 9 to July 26."
Kaszuba said students can register for summer classes online by going to mySU. Kaszuba said: "Students use mySU to register for summer courses. However, they should use the link marked summer registration not the fall/spring registration link." He continued, "Using the summer registration link in mySU will allow students to search for summer courses, as well as to enroll."
Kaszuba said that summer registration has already begun, but it is not too late to sign up. Kaszuba said: "Summer registration started Thursday March 20, and continues uninterrupted until the actual start of scheduled summer courses."
Kaszuba said that a variety of courses are offered and for the past three summers, Susquehanna has been trying to expand the courses offered during the summer session. Kaszuba said, "More than 60 courses are offered, some online and others on campus."
Kaszuba said that all Susquehanna students can take summer courses. However, he said they may want to keep a few things in mind before deciding to sign up for a course. Kaszuba said: "A student cannot enroll in an online course that overlaps with any part of a GO trip that he or she is taking. The university wants GO participants to be completely immersed in their cross cultural experience, without distraction of online course obligations."
Kaszuba also said that during the intensive course students cannot take over four credits, and that they cannot take over eight credits during the regular session unless they get permission from him.
Kaszuba highlighted that the cost of the classes depended upon the academic credits that will be received. Kaszuba said, "Most summer classes are $350 per academic credit."
Kaszuba discussed how this program benefits students who want to catch up on credits or students who want to work ahead on their credits. Kaszuba said, " SU summer program offers students a chance to catch up on credits if, for some reason, they've fallen behind."
Kaszuba said that it is beneficial to take classes here at SU versus taking classes elsewhere over the summer. Kaszuba said: "Only SU summer classes are factored into a student's GPA. So if a student is taking summer courses for the primary purpose of boosting his or her GPA, only SU classes can have an impact. For classes taken elsewhere, the credits might transfer, but not the grade."
Kaszuba also said that online courses offer Susquehanna students flexibility with their schedules. Kaszuba said, "For the most part, students in online courses have the flexibility to log into their courses at whatever times of day are most convenient for them -- provided, of course, that students are logging in frequently and regularly enough to complete readings and written assignments according to the daily or weekly deadlines that are set by their professors."


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Summer sessions offer course variety, intensity


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