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April 25, 2014
Vol. 55 No. 22

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Editor reflects on friendships

I realized something recently that has made me look at this entire abroad experience in a different way. Being in new places can be great, but it's the people you share each moment with that truly create amazing memories.
Sami's program was a month shorter than mine, so I said goodbye to her last week.
As I waved goodbye on the train platform, I thought about every one of my favorite moments from the semester. And every one included her.
We traveled to different cities, explored other cultures and conquered our own city, always together. When we were apart and exciting things happened, we would tell the other one as soon as possible.
The other people in our lives here have also enhanced our experience. I've had some great visitors, including my mom and my friend MaryKate. My boyfriend is even coming to visit me this week.
We made two Spanish guy friends from a nearby town who cooked us paella and showed us parts of the countryside we would've never had the chance to see.
Two other girls from Susquehanna are always there to join us for a day at the beach or a quick tapas dinner. Our host families look out for us and offer a warm place to make us feel at home. Our friend Nick offers constant entertainment and is almost always a part of our daily adventures.
However, now that Sami is back in the U.S., I've already come to see how my daily routine will be different without her.
People make fun of us because we act like we're basically a couple. And now, we have to be in a long-distance relationship.
Yes, we will see each other in a month and be living together in D.C., where we're both working as summer interns. And yes, I have other people still here who I love hanging out with.
But there's something different about a best friend. We've gotten so much closer, because we got to share this experience together. I can't imagine what Spain would have been like if I had come alone.
It will feel incredibly weird to go back to Susquehanna and that way of life in the fall, but I am also ecstatic knowing that I get to be surrounded there by people I love (and of course, my Sami).
When I look back at this semester, I will of course think about all the amazing places and things I had the opportunity to see. But most of all, I will think about the people who were a part of all those memories.
We can always dream about living in exotic places or believe the grass is greener somewhere else. But if we took the time to truly appreciate what we have and the people we have to share it with, I think we could be much happier and realize how lucky we really are.


Editor reflects on friendships

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