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April 25, 2014
Vol. 55 No. 22

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Editor talks about postgraduate plans

"What are your plans for after graduation?"
I'm only a junior, and I've been hearing that phrase way too much for my own liking.
My response to it has now become automated: "Oh, I'm thinking about applying for a Fulbright. A professor suggested that I should, so I figured why not. I'll probably apply for some jobs and graduate schools, too. But really, I'm just not sure what I want to do. There are just too many options."
And then comes the next question that people always find the need to ask: "Will you go back to California or stay on the east coast?"
My answer to this becomes a little more vague each time: "Oh, I don't know. I'll probably look all over the place. Who knows? If I actually get a Fulbright, I'll be on a whole other continent."
Despite what comes out as my answer, I always conclude it with, "But I'm only a junior, so I have some more time to think about it."
The reality, though, is that junior year is slipping away and that preconceived notion of "more time" is quickly disappearing. In fact, senior year has crept up on me like a Prius going five miles per hour, coming out of nowhere and forcing me out of my daydream haze and into reality.
With only two weeks of the semester left, I decided that Easter break would and should be the time I finally devoted to actually figuring out some of the details that I've left a little hazy for the past few months.
Along with finishing the first two seasons of Mad Men (might I say that it was the best use of my time off and that I am officially addicted to it), I managed to navigate through a number of graduate school websites and scour the Fulbright page.
What came of all this surfing? Absolutely nothing. If anything, it made me more unsure of what route I actually want to take come May 2015.
Looking and deciding on what graduate schools to apply to was just as hard as choosing what undergraduate universities to apply to. I looked in California. I looked on the east coast. I even looked in the fly over states. They all looked interesting, and I'll probably do the same thing I did for undergrad and apply where I think maybe I'd like to spend a portion of my life.
On the Fulbright website, I probably clicked on every country in Eastern Europe. If you asked me today, I probably still couldn't tell you what my top three options would be. If I could, I'd apply for all of them.
The most beneficial thing I did over break, though, was not try to figure out my future. Instead, it was just living in the moment. In between my internet surfing, I actually had time to hang out with my friends. We went to the movies. We went shopping. We went out to eat. But my favorite moments were spent sitting around a fire at night or basking in the sun by a makeshift pond. It was in those moments that I remembered why I love Susquehanna so much. Yes, I enjoy all the clubs I'm a member of and all the classes I take. But it wouldn't be Susquehanna if I wasn't experiencing those moments with people I genuinely love to be around.
Next semester our conversations can be taken over with talk about grad school and job applications. But for now, we'll just continue enjoying the last week of the semester.


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