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April 25, 2014
Vol. 55 No. 22

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Writer promotes album

This will serve as my last column of the year. That means this will serve as the last music recommendation I can publically give until the fall. Please take my word as the gospel.
April 19 marked this year's Record Store Day, an event that has been heavily promoted the past few years to give power back to the artist. J
ack White, former front man of the White Stripes and all-around musical genius, has assumed the role of poster child of Record Store Day and made a record-breaking pressing of "Lazaretto."
"Lazaretto" is White's sophomore solo LP, following the impressive "Blunderbuss," which proved that White was the talent behind all of his previous gigs with the White Stripes, The Raconteurs, the Dead Weather and countless others.
White promises the new LP will feature a variety of sounds, showing off the eclectic range of influences he has honed, tracing back to garage rock, punk and blues.
"I just write whatever comes out of me," White said in an interview with Rolling Stone last year. "Whatever the style, it is what it is, and it becomes something later."
The title track was just released and certainly is a clever testament to the career White has endured. "Lazaretto" sounds like a bluesier Rage Against the Machine, mixed with a little bit of Smash Mouth.
A video of the instuental song "High Ball Stepper" was also released in April as a teaser for the rest of the album.
The LP was recorded, pressed and brought to his label, Third Man Records, in less than four hours. The reasoning for the feat seems to be just out of the "because I can" principle.
"Lazaretto" comes out in June. Let it hold you over until Turn It


Writer promotes album

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