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April 25, 2014
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Academic journal nears launch

Transformations, an annual online academic journal created by the English department, will be published on April 28 for the 13th consecutive year.
The Transformations publication staff will be holding a launch party on the publication date at 4:30 p.m. in Apfelbaum Hall Room 319.
Transformations is a student-run journal that publishes essays and papers written by Susquehanna students.
According to junior Allison Brown, the associate editor of Transformations, the publication was first created in 2002 by two faculty of the English department at Susquehanna in an effort to strengthen the community of the English department.
Brown said that when the publication began it welcomed submissions from English majors only, but it has since been extended to all majors and classes.
She said, "Creating a stronger community of scholarship is definitely a main goal of the publication."
Those wishing to publish, according to Brown, must submit papers that are at least 10 pages. These papers must also have research or analytical value.
The publishing staff is headed by Brown and senior Amanda Chase, the managing editor. The journal also has a faculty advisor, who is currently Associate Professor of English Amy Winans.
Among other positions, Brown said that there is the reading board, which reads and evaluates submissions, a web designer and a copy editor. There will also be a new PR position added next semester.
According to Brown, the reading board and editors are responsible for reading and evaluating submissions. She said that during the evaluation process, staff members rank pieces on a scale of one to five and then decide which to publish based on whichever have the highest rankings.
Brown said, "When we evaluate pieces, we look for clear language, interesting and fresh ideas, good organization, and informed, researched ideas."
The journal's staff received 18 submissions this year, according to Brown, which she said is an average amount for the publication. Of these, six to seven will be published in this year's edition.
Brown said that submissions range largely in topic. This year there are submissions about civil rights and grammar, and there is one paper that is a foreign language piece written entirely in Spanish.
Submissions are welcome via email starting at the end of the fall semester, Brown said, and must be submitted by the due date, which is usually the end of January or beginning of February.
Brown said, "By publishing students' work online in an academic journal, we hope to show off the talent of Susquehanna students to the community and show great examples of the work that


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