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February 22, 2002
Vol. 43 No. 16

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Students perform benefit show

Courtesy of Melissa Karschner
WE BE JAMMIN - Freshman Mike Rathfon plays his guitar as sophomore Tyson Clark plays the drums in the background in a benefit concert. The concert helped raise $4,200 for Kathy Brouse, a cancer patient.
Several Susquehanna students and musicians participated in a cancer benefit concert last Saturday in Freeburg, raising over $4,200.

The concert, held at the Volunteer Fire Dept., raised money for cancer patient Kathy Brouse, according to Lisa Neff, who helped coordinate the concert.

Susquehanna sophomore Tyson Clark and his band, Cornerstone, performed late in the evening.

Clark, who plays drums and sings vocals, said the experience was of great value to him.

"Having the opportunity to play for a benefit such as this was an honor for our band," Clark said.

"Everyone came out that night, not just to see a few bands play, but to support a very worthy cause," he continued.

Like Clark, the other members of Cornerstone are affiliated with Susquehanna.

Freshman Mike Rathfon plays guitar; assistant football coach Josh Kline sings lead vocals and plays guitar; and junior Dave Bingaman plays bass and lead vocals.

"The four of us have never gotten together before [we were asked to play] so we were all very excited to get together and combine our musical skills," Clark said.

"When we found out it [the concert] was for cancer, that made us want to play even more," Clark said.

Bingaman also helped coordinate the concert.

"I used to play in a band with Kathy's brother John," Bingaman said of his relationship to Brouse.

"John called to ask me if I would play in a concert to raise money for Kathy and asked if I could get a band together," Bingaman said.

"There was continuous music playing from 7 p.m. until 1 a.m. without any incidences," Bingaman said.

"It was a good time and we raised over $4,200," Bingaman said.

Since playing the concert in Freeburg, Cornerstone has received offers to play other venues, including the Relay for Life held at Susquehanna, which will also raise money for cancer.

Freshman guitarist Rory Scanlan also played at the concert, strumming acoustic renditions of Britney Spears' "Baby One More Time," Snoop Doggy Dogg's "Gin and Juice" and David Gray's "Babylon."

"I'm glad that I could contribute to a worthy cause," Scanlan said.

"It was great to see such a large turnout at the benefit," Scanlan said.

"Hopefully I will be able to perform in future shows for such causes," he added.

"The crowd definitely got into the music and they were giving me great feedback," Scanlan said. "I had a great time."

Many Susquehanna students were in attendance at the concert, helping to raise money for the cause.

"It was definitely a great concert," junior Jonathan Duffy said.

"It was worth the money, especially because it was for a good cause," Duffy said.


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