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February 22, 2002
Vol. 43 No. 16

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E-Board benefits students

Two weeks ago, I misplaced my corporate finance textbook. This was more than a little upsetting to me because it was still early in the semester and I had spent a good $120 on the book. I also had a test coming up in less than a week. However, being a typical college student, I'm rather myopic on those matters and the $120 I was out was bothering me much more than the fact I couldn't study for my test.

After some desperate searching and begging the entire class to keep an eye out for my book, I fell back to my last resort, the Campus Bulletin Board. For those of you who are not familiar with the Campus Bulletin Board, it's an electronic posting service on the Susquehanna Web site designed to discourage students and faculty from sending e-mails en masse to the entire campus. It's not too easy to find, however. From Susquehanna's home page, you need to hold your mouse over the "News & Sports" heading and select the eighth option, "Campus Bulletin Board."

It was from there that I issued my plea for the safe return of my textbook. I really didn't hold out much hope, but I bolstered my request by offering "a cool $20."

On Monday, my post went out to everyone with a Susquehanna e-mail address through the Susquehanna E-Newsletter. By Monday afternoon, I was already being harassed by the multitudes of e-mail junkies who had quickly absorbed the Newsletter.

Comments ranged from the sympathetic, "Dude, man. I heard you lost your book. That sucks, man-dude," to the simply bizarre and disturbing, "Hey, I saw what you wrote on the E-Newsletter. That was really funny. Hee. Hee. Snort. Hee. Hee."

I was actually quite surprised by the positive reaction my post brought. Kids who I swear I had never seen before in my life were accosting me to console me on the loss of my book.

As for the book itself, it actually had already turned up Sunday afternoon -- the day before the E-Newsletter was published. I found it in my house, propped up behind the bar and suspiciously close to our cat's litter box.

Nevertheless, I would like to think the E-Newsletter played an indispensable role in the safe return of my textbook.

In the future, I would like to encourage everyone to use the E-Newsletter as a forum to reacquire his or her lost items. I envision a day when people can freely pronounce, "The E-Newsletter is for Losers" with conviction and pride.

I'd like to take the opportunity to return the favor and try to match some items I have found with their rightful owners:

- One bicycle. This has been parked in our backyard since last semester. It turned up as a lawn ornament one Saturday night and has remained there since. If it's yours, please claim it. We're too lazy to throw it out.

- A 126-page annual report from Philip Morris. I found this on the printer of the first floor computer lab in Apfelbaum. Obviously, no one would be inconsiderate enough to waste all the printer time, ink and paper and then just abandon it. I'm holding onto it for you.

- A Wal-Mart shopping cart. I really have no clue how this made its way to Orange Street.

- Amelia Earhart.

If anyone can claim any of these, just let me know by putting a post on the Susquehanna E-Newsletter. Us losers need as much support as possible.


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E-Board benefits students



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