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February 22, 2002
Vol. 43 No. 16

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Senior makes radio waves

On the air
The Crusader/Andrew Palochko
ON THE AIR - Susquehanna senior Bobby Hauer (aka Bobby Austin) broadcasts live on the air at 94 WQKX. Hauer has been a disc jockey on the radio station since November 2000.
Tune your radio to top 40-radio station 94 WQKX and it is likely you will hear the voice of radio personality and Susquehanna commuter student Bob Hauer (aka Bobby Austin).

A senior broadcasting major at Susquehanna and a local of Shamokin, Hauer graduated from Lourdes Regional High School in 1998.

He transferred to Susquehanna from Allentown College in the middle of his junior year because of his commitment to his broadcasting career.

Hauer studied television/film at Allentown College where he hosted a talriffs played well to the crowd of teen-age po-mo punks. The mosh pit began spewing surfers onto the floor during the Saves the Day set, breaking the crowd barrier at one point.

After a lengthy wait of 45 minutes or so, Weezer finally took the stage. Guitarist Brian Bell was decked out in a flowery, pink, thrift-shop shirt. Drummer Pat Wilson waved to the audience, his hair slicked back as always. Compared with the rest of the band, new bassist Scott Schriner looked ripped, buff enough to be with Slipknot ren they would take vacations during the summer months, but during his junior year, around Thanksgiving, he began his work as a full-time DJ.

Once he was working full-time as a DJ, Hauer found the two-hour commute back and forth between Allentown College and work at the radio station to be too much. It was then that he decided to transfer to Susquehanna.

Hauer said that he feels extremely fortunate to work for 94KX.

"I grew up listening to KX and now to be working there is just icing on the banana cream cake of life," Hauer said.

However, Hauer's radio career is not confined to 94KX. He also produces commercials for WKOK, a sister station of 94KX.

Due to the potential of stalker problems, Hauer said he had to come up with an alias.

"I didn't like being called Bobby," Hauer said, but it was for that reason he chose the name.

Hauer said he chose Austin as a last name because one of his co-workers had a picture of Stone Cold Steve Austin, and thus, Bobby Austin was born.

A typical day for Hauer starts at 7 a.m. and ends around 1 a.m.

Hauer said he handles his hectic schedule with effective time management, understanding people and a willingness to not give up.

"It's a combination of managing my time and having very understanding people around me," Hauer said. "I have very understanding teachers who work with me and the students are great too."

School and work are important to Hauer, but he said that other things are important as well.

"School is fun, work is fun, but it all comes second to having a family one day," he said.

When Hauer isn't dividing his time between Susquehanna and the radio station, he said that he enjoys watching movies and playing baseball with his younger brothers.

After graduation Hauer said he plans on continuing his work at 94KX.

Hauer said that he would encourage anyone who is interested in becoming a DJ to never give up.

"Practice hard, work harder and have a little faith in yourself," he said.

Hauer can be heard on 94KX Monday through Friday night live from 8:30 p.m. to midnight.


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