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April 23, 2004
Vol. 45 No. 21

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Bush has made his mark

Political attack ads are everywhere, and if you can de-bias yourself long enough to take an objective look at them, some of them are downright comedic.

I came to wonder though, if any of them really work, then upon hearing several on-campus conversations I realized they do.

I began to think about why people might like Bush, and to be honest, I found some amazing things.

People obviously must like Bush, and want him re-elected because of his stellar performance in Iraq. It truly is a heartwarming scene to see American soldiers locked in an embrace with Iraqi citizens every night on the news, and to hear about how well our policies are doing at furthering the peace in a country so war-torn they have not known the likes of this utopian American presence in ages.

Wait, that's not right.

It's not locked in embrace, it's locked in gun-battle. It's not furthering the peace, it's sending more American bodies home. It's not a utopian American presence, it's a losing cause, and for what? Freedom? Justice?

We've got their leader, shouldn't things be improving? Shouldn't we have some of the population on our side? Yeah, and Barry Bonds has never taken steroids.

But at least Bush is doing his part to support the troops, and has been behind them 100 percent. He has done nothing to make anyone think otherwise.

Wait, except maybe for when he did his best to push through a house resolution reducing the pay of soldiers, as well as cutting hazard pay altogether. No, there's no way that would ever hurt our soldiers, it would only help them because Bush is a compassionate conservative who cares about people. Yeah, and eating cake frosting for breakfast is a good thing.

Though if people can't love him for his treatment of soldiers, they must love him for his handling of anti-terrorism efforts. In fact, in the months before September 11th, the acting FBI director at the time, Thomas Packard, according to Reuters, asked the administration for more money to help fight a mounting terrorist presence, and the Justice Department accordingly agreed.

No, wait, they didn't. In fact the very day before the attacks, on September 10th, Attorney General John Ashcroft, at the beckon call of Bush, denied the request for money. I guess wasting $8,000 on covering the exposed breast of the statue of justice was more important.

Right, and Michael Jackson is the picture perfect exhibit of normalcy.

Well, surely it must be how we acted on Iraq, going after other terrorist threats. We wouldn't go into a country without clear and present danger. Though, Condi Rice testified we didn't act on Osama Bin Laden pre Sept. 11 because the information we had was "historical" and not "actionable."

Hmm, what do you call knowing Iraq used to have weapons, but having plenty of evidence supporting the claim that weapons were no longer present? I'd say that's a tad actionable.

No, wait, it isn't. That sounds quite historical.

Wow, it's a good thing we defended ourselves from pretend weapons of mass destruction. Right, and The White Stripes is actually a good band.

Enough about this war, and people dying, I think that discussing the stellar performance of the economy under Bush is what really makes people want to vote for him. A policy that cuts taxes for the rich, pushes to cut the progressive income tax, cuts funding for schools, roots money out of the social security system to pay for budget increases, and creates the largest budget deficit in the history of history, has done so much for our country.

In fact, under Bush there have been 3.2 million jobs created, and roughly the same number of people have been protected from living without healthcare.

Wait, no, that's wrong.

3.2 million people have lost jobs since Bush took office. Millions of Americans live without healthcare. Poverty is on the rise, and even adjusted for inflation. The bottom 20 percent economically, are making less than 2 percent more than the bottom 20 percent in 1979, and that's due mainly to longer work weeks. In contrast, the upper 20 percent on average, has seen their after-tax income shoot up over 300 percent. If you had a dollar, and that increased by 300 percent, you'd have $300. That's enough to pay for most of your total book cost next semester.

But the richest people in the country, the ones who can already afford everything they've ever wanted, let alone what people with no jobs and healthcare just need, are getting more breaks. But that's apparently fair.

Yeah, and Susquehanna is, on the whole, politically active.

The truth is out there. Are you afraid to look? Are you afraid to be active?

Are you afraid to make the changes necessary to turn America into a better country?

There was a song written by Stephen Stills and Buffalo Springfield in 1966, called "For What It's Worth." For what it's worth, here are some lyrics: "There's something happening here, and what it is, ain't exactly clear. There's a man with a gun over there, telling me I got to beware. I think it's time we stop, hey, what's that sound? Everybody look what's going down." Regime change starts at home. Stop being afraid. Learn, and work.

Of course, that's just how I see it. Maybe you've got it differently.


Bush has made his mark

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