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September 19, 2003
Vol. 45 No. 2

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Group ministers to high school students

Young Life, a Christian organization founded in 1940 that focuses on creating a safe and fun place for high school students to come and learn more about God, has recently begun a division at Susquehanna.

Led by Susquehanna students, Young Life is an organization that reaches out to the high school students in Selinsgrove, according to senior Carolyn Kleinert.

Susquehanna students can volunteer to be a part of this mentoring program.

The college students that volunteer as Young Life leaders spread ministry to students, and at the same time teach kids how to have fun in exciting ways, according to Kleinert.

Young Life leaders help protect and lead children as they grow, so that when they are adults they will be able to make wise and bold decisions based on their faith in Christ.

"Young Life makes Jesus real to kids," Kleinert said.

Susquehanna's Young Life division has completed its first year successfully and is looking forward to a more successful second year, Kleinert said.

Sophomore Kellie Kremser said: "We are trying to get recognized by Chapel Council. That will help us get money to work with."

Right now, the group is trying to reach out to the community and get the support of parents, Kremser said. Young Life leaders do not bring the children on campus. Instead, they hold meetings in their homes.

With the support of parents, Young Life leaders are able to gain access to the kids and, at the same time, let parents know that their children are in good hands, she said.
"It is important, especially today, to make a difference in kids' lives," Kremser said.
Kremser added that in high school she had friends in Young Life.

She really liked the changes that occurred in their lives every time they came back from camp, an annual program held each summer by Young Life.

She said that she hopes to bring some of that experience to Selinsgrove.

Young Life has outreach camps around North America, and college students get the opportunity to volunteer at camp during the summer, according to Kleinert.

"Young Life gives children a role model," Kleinert said. "College students are somebody actually worth looking up to."

Young Life leaders meet every Wednesday evening at 9:30 in the Degenstein Campus Center.
"We are looking for other students who are interested," Kleinert said. "If you have a relationship with God, then you have the privilege to share."

Young Life leaders want to let children know that they are there for them and that they can come to them about any problems they may be experiencing, Kleinert said.

"By simply spending time with them, you show them that they are valued and are important," Kleinert said. "Their values come from who they are, not how well he or she may do on the athletic field or in school."

Kleinert and Kremser are active members of Young Life and said they enjoy interacting with the high school students and bringing them closer to God.

The lessons that the Young Life leaders teach come from the Bible, Kleinert said.
Young Life is based on Christian learning, but it is nondenominational, so everybody is welcome to join the organization.

In addition to the meetings, all high school students interested in Young Life can go to camps together and learn from each other and from their leaders.

Young Life leaders help high school students organize fundraisers so they can attend one of the 19 national outreach camps.

Young Life is designed to help high school students, but there is another division that is directed specifically for middle school students.

This middle school division is called Wild Life, and it has the same goals as Young Life, according to Kremser.


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