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September 19, 2003
Vol. 45 No. 2

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Technology aids in teaching

Susquehanna classrooms are smarter than ever.

The campus now has 28 smart media-equipped classrooms after eight smart classrooms were added over the summer, and nine classrooms were upgraded.

What exactly is a smart classroom?

Ken Kopf, Susquehanna's microcomputer support specialist, said they are classrooms where there are as few barriers as possible for the instructor to present material.

He called it a "communication-rich classroom into which the outside world can be brought."

Many of the updated rooms give professors access to a networked computer, an electronic document camera, DVD player, VCR, cable TV connection, sound amplification and a high-quality projector.

However, will it be a challenge for professors to adapt to the new equipment?

"Professors are just like anyone else in that some can use the equipment easily and for maximum impact immediately, while others arrive a little later," Kopf said. "The power of the instant access to all kinds of data will eventually cause all but the most resistant to adopt the new tools."

Lori Schneider, lecturer in communications, said, "I am delighted with the new setup as I now have information at my fingertips."

Schneider is satisfied with the updates to Steele Room 219, and she has been using smart classrooms ever since she began teaching here.

"The new ones seem even easier to use, even smarter than the old classrooms," she said.
Because of the touch screen that controls the equipment, Schneider said that she does not feel the need to use the instructions that have been provided.

Senior Lesley Sciarrillo said: "It is definitely a positive step for Susquehanna. Im also glad that there is evidence of where our money is going."

The cost of each of the smart classrooms varies based on the level of equipment, Kopf said.


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