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April 15, 2005
Vol. 46 No. 20

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Racial excuse unfit

A phrase that I have always despised is one that I feel is a racial stereotype: "playing the race card." However, after experiencing this phenomenon first hand, I felt that I had to speak out.

Recently, after being confronted over something trivial, where much evidence was pointing toward this young man being the guilty party, a black student here was overheard saying, "It's because I'm black, isn't it?"

No, it is not because you're black. However, to suggest such a thing is not only trivializing the plight of those that are racially discriminated against daily, it is an outright lie.

Regardless as to whether this person committed the crime or not, I feel that blaming his race for the reason he has been accused is a far-worse crime, one that needs to be addressed.

The campus has so many fantastic programs that deal with multiculturalism, acceptance and diversity.

I was horrified to learn that someone had actually utilized this pithy phrase in his defense.

As far as I can see, although this campus does not have a large minority population, there are programs that make sure diversity is brought into campus, be it through lectures, discussions, movies or charity events.

It seems that all the hard work these organizations do to bring diversity to this campus is being destroyed by this one simple phrase.

Efforts toward acceptance and embracing diversity seem to be erased if people are still running around claiming to be discriminated against because they are black.

Additionally, I feel that there are few, if any, racial barriers on this campus.

Everyone is accepted by the vast majority of students, regardless of color, sexual orientation, gender or religion.

Granted, I may not be the best person to make this judgment, seeing as fair-skinned, blonde, white women are rarely discriminated against, but as a staff member of "The Crusader," I have covered many different events promoting diversity.

To conclude, there are people in the Darfur region of the Sudan being brutally killed or forcefully removed from their land by Janjaweed rebels because they are black.

Wars are fought every single day over true cases of racial discrimination.

So, to the person who said this, please think before you say your race is defining you as a culprit next time. Stand up, look at the evidence against you and realize that RAs and public safety officers are only doing their job by questioning you.

People are dying everyday because they are attempting to remove racial barriers, so do them a favor, and don't build another one.


Racial excuse unfit

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