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November 15, 2013
Vol. 55 No. 10

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News: SU begins next phase in natural gas switch

Earlier this year, Susquehanna made the announcement that it would begin making the transition from using its coal-fired steam plant to generate heat in the campus buildings to natural gas by the 2014-2015 academic school year.
Associate Professor...

News: IT continues Wi-Fi search

The Office of Information Technology continues to search for Wi-Fi enabled devices, which interfere with the ability for computers to connect to the Crusader network.
IT network service technician Mike Eyer and IT network engineer Eric Kurtz...

Living & Arts: Music makes the movie

Since the dawn of time -- but really about 80 years -- movies and music have shared interdependence. Here are five movies that have utilized this relationship the best.
"Snakes on a Plane:" "I'm tired of these monkey-flippin' snakes on this...

Forum: Inspiration found in popular novel

While exploring St. George's Market in Belfast a few weekends ago, I picked up Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat Pray Love" from a secondhand book vendor for just four quid. It's one of those books I've heard good things about, one of those...

Sports: Crusaders lose by one point

The Susquehanna football team held a seven point edge late in the fourth quarter of Saturday's game against McDaniel, but they surrendered a touchdown and a successful two-point conversion with just 17 seconds left, falling 43-42. Head Coach Steve...

Sports: SU rugby player sees All Black

When I came to Susquehanna, one of things I would hear about from my professors and upperclassmen is how important it is to get into contact with alumni early on. I remember hearing the phrase, "Alumni are excited to help you." Of course, now that...


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