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March 14, 2003
Vol. 44 No. 17

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News: S.G.A. allocates money to clubs

S.G.A. approved the budget proposal for the 2003-2004 school year at its Monday night meeting.

S.G.A. allocated a budget of $363,675 to the clubs and organization they recognize this year. The amount is determined based on the student activities...

News: S.G.A. elects board of directors representative

S.G.A. elected sophomore Ted Patterson as the new junior student liaison to the Board of Director for the 2003-2004 school year during their meeting Monday night.

"This position offers me the means to truly make an impact on campus by bringing...
Captial studies

Living & Arts: Interns gain city experience

A typical day for most college students consists of sleeping in, doing homework and staying up late.

A day in the life of an intern in the "real world," however, is nothing like the traditional college atmosphere, especially when you are...

Forum: Mosquito war will hburt U.S.

Forget about the war. Forget about Saddam and Iraq. Forget about North Korea and its nuclear weapons. Forget about President "I can do anything I want to because my Daddy has my back" Bush. Forget about everything.

You see, it's not the threat...
Winding up

Sports: Softball ready for conference play

With the heart of its lineup back and a new coaching staff, the Susquehanna softball team looks to do great things this season.

The Crusaders return all but one starter from last season's Commonwealth Conference playoff campaign. After ...

Sports: Sports complex plays host to MAC

At first glance, one would think that Selinsgrove has become a popular tourist destination. Twice in the past month, hordes of tour buses have rolled into town, but not because people want to catch a glimpse of the borough.

Rather, the fleets...



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