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September 16, 2005
Vol. 47 No. 2

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News: Plans set for social space

A new response is in the works to the question, "What is there to do on campus?" The answer is the new social space, the white building behind Smith Hall, located adjacent to the freshman parking lot. Nora Huth, the social space coordinator, said...

News: Space has $1 million budget

Lack of social activities on campus were a critical subject last year, specifically those that would provide an alternative to underage drinking In response to this concern, the administration and the Board of Trustees developed a plan to provide...

Living & Arts: Homecoming festivities added

Approximately 800 Susquehanna alumni will join students, faculty and staff in celebrating the festivities of Homecoming Weekend.

The weekend has an underwater theme: "Get Hooked on SU," which the Homecoming Committee has been planning since...

Forum: Soldiers pay for freedom

On the issue of the war in Iraq, we as college students engage in a more active roll than almost any policymaker in this country. Too often I hear the debate centered on conflicting ideologies, war strategies and leadership. Even the most ...

Sports: Greyhounds bite Crusaders

The first 2:36 of Saturday's Commonwealth Conference football game between Susquehanna and Moravian told the whole story as the Greyhounds defeated the Crusaders 22-10.

The first 13 points in the contest were scored by Moravian in the first...

Sports: Intramurals to begin

On occasional Saturdays during the fall, the Crusader football team calls Lopardo Stadium its home, performing in front of orange-and-maroon clad fans.

But for the other six days of the week, the Usual Suspects, Channel 4 News Team and even Jay...


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