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September 14, 2007
Vol. 49 No. 2

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Campus grapevine fosters falsehoods

Call me crazy, but I think the Student Government Association's decision to "open up the trust fund" is a good idea.

When I first heard about that action, I didn't feel the same way.

Through the infamous Susquehanna grapevine, I heard several different versions of the story, and all of them claimed that SGA now had a large sum of money to spend however it pleased.

Outraged, I dropped my previous idea for an editorial and decided that I would write a scathing condemnation of Monday night's action.

And then I came to my senses. I realized that the information I had received was less than complete and less than accurate. Basing an editorial on that erroneous information would have been irresponsible.

I forgot about the grapevine and its tendency to twist and turn the facts until, at its end, what remains doesn't even remotely resemble the original story.
I think that many of us share that tendency to forget to question what we hear through the grapevine.

Susquehanna is a gossip-happy campus. Proof? Circle K is selling t-shirts that call Susquehanna the place "where everyone knows your name, and what you did last night."
Search out accurate information. Don't accept anything at face value. Question everything.

I nearly acted on a blatant falsehood. Luckily, I wrote the news article about the meeting, which forced me to find the truth.

And the truth caused me to completely change my position.

Using the fund money for the USA Today College Readership program isn't just a good idea. It's a great idea. That's the type of project that the fund was created to support, and I'm glad that I gave the idea a second chance.



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