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February 22, 2008
Vol. 49 No. 16

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Thievery debate criticized

This is in response to the letter published last week in response to one published three weeks ago concerning the topic of whether thieves in America, or globally for that matter, are becoming lazy. A friend approached me and said something to the effect of how awesome it was that the two girls wrote a story to show the first girl a thing or two.

My response to both arguments, and to the three people involved, is: Who cares? Honestly, do we really have nothing better to do with our time than to argue over stuff like that?

Personally, I'm not worried about theft too much at Susquehanna, and I would hope that the other three people aren't either; unless they are thieves themselves and want to steal from me, in which case, I live in Room 4 at 305 University Ave. Come find me sometime, and I'll stab you with a spoon.

Why does it matter what one person or another thinks about a particular subject, even one so devoid of logical thought as this one? That's why this is the "opinion section." I could say that it is my opinion that the moon is made of cheese. Who's going to say that I'm wrong? Science? Who cares about science, besides Tom Cruise? But he hasn't made a good movie since "The Last Samurai," so who cares about him?

If we're going to argue over something, let's make it something important, like views on the presidential candidates or the war in Iraq. I feel that war is only good for Risk and chess, but I'm in the Gaming Club, so I might be a tad biased, but let's argue over that. If this is going to turn into another "Bay Buchanan" feud, debating whether she should have even been allowed here or that her comments were "pretentious" or whatever big "college" words you want to use for it, then I'm out. I'm not cut out for the college life, aka just another extension of the stereotypical high school utilized via a mass medium that is The Crusader.

-- Mike Castrignano '10



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