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September 05, 2008
Vol. 50 No. 1

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Editor urges peers to speak up, act

Over the past few days I have found myself asking the same question over and over.

When is enough, enough? When will people realize that this is the 21st century, and really, we should be a little further down the road to being culturally aware, diverse and tolerant of one another.

I'm sure that everyone is more than aware of the recent racially charged incidents that have been occurring on campus and in the borough--if you aren't then kindly crawl from under your rock and pay attention.

While there have been numerous reports made, I have to wonder how many incidents go unreported or are brushed off, whether it be because someone is afraid to report an incident or because they feel that nothing substantial will be done.

Many students aren't satisfied with the university's efforts to promote diversity or the follow-up after an incident is reported. For this reason some people don't bother reporting the assaults that happen. However, it is a double-edged sword. If no one reports the incidents then the authorities and public safety don't have much information to go off of, making it significantly harder to catch perpetrators.

So, that being said, I urge anyone who may have been verbally or physically assaulted in any way to let people know. If you aren't comfortable contacting public safety or the administration on your own that is understandable. But someone needs to be told.

Whether it is a roommate or a friend or some random person walking down your hall, just make it known. Yes, I'm aware that sounds a tad hokey. But if people don't report incidents then we don't have a true idea of how big a problem this is. And I think if the events of the first week show anything: they show that we have a significant issue on our hands, and its time that it be taken care of.

-- Sierra McCleary-Harris '10



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