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September 19, 2008
Vol. 50 No. 3

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Student promotes campus involvement

The other day in my Core Perspectives class we gathered into a discussion circle and talked about our time at Susquehanna so far and we all identified certain issues we were having.

A common topic a lot of my peers mentioned was the concern of getting more involved in activities around campus, getting to know their professors better and taking advantage of resources that are available to us on and off campus.

I believe these three factors are important in making one's college experience worthwhile and can help set the path toward success.

"Get Involved" seemed to be the common phrase that was quite common my first few days here at Susquehanna. I'm sure many freshmen can relate. But isn't it true though? When we as students become involved in the many different activities here on campus, it opens brand new doors for us.

We have the opportunity to meet new people, experience new things that we never thought we would get the chance to, but most importantly we learn more about ourselves and what we want to do with our futures.

Many students don't realize that we have a kickboxing class. It's something different for anyone to try.

Don't forget about our Outdoor Recreation Center. Here you can find equipment you may need to go skiing, ice-skating or fly-fishing, backpacking, camping or canoeing.

Furthermore, we have 14 different religious-life groups here on campus. It amazes me how many opportunities students have in order to become more involved and try new things.

I encourage every student to take advantage of all that is right in front of your eyes because as a freshman, I haven't seen half of the things to do, but I know getting involved as much as I can is something that is important to me. I don't want to look back in 10 years and think to myself that I could've done more.

Getting to know my professors is something I have not done yet. Our professors are not in their office for a certain time period everyday for no reason.

They write their office hours on their syllabi to motivate their students to come in. Look to the future, four or five years from now when you need a recommendation letter.
You should be able to go to one of your professors to obtain one. Dr. Smith, my Core Perspectives professor, told our class: Your professors are going to be there for you in the future, especially if you get to know them first.

And after he said this over and over again it became clearer to me how important this really is. Not only is getting involved outside the classroom significant, but getting to know your professors by simply raising your hand to ask a question every so often is essential as well.

It seems that practically every night there is something different going on in each and every residence hall. Someone may be running around being obnoxious on a sugar high, there might be a loud movie night in the room next door or there could be someone trying to study.

We all know the dorms can be loud late at night, so why not take advantage of our library? The library is a perfect spot to go to and get away from all the chaos.

Also, we have a computer lab, tutors to help with work and so much more available just right here on campus. I'm so proud to be in a place where I can rely on just about anyone or anything to be successful with whatever I do.

With everything that is accessible right here on campus, all of us should truly take advantage of it all and use it as much as we can. This means we should get involved not only outside of the classroom but inside as well, and we should be aware of the great resources that are there whenever we may need them.

In doing this we are taking chances by experiencing different opportunities.
We are only in college once. Let's make it worthwhile.
-- Sarah Johnson '12



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