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September 19, 2008
Vol. 50 No. 3

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Editors scramble for your opinions

I love to write; it is why I'm a communications major with a journalism emphasis and an editor on The Crusader.

However, I am not so in love with the idea of having to write out of desperation, hours after the Forum section would have theoretically been completed.

For the past few weeks, the editors on The Crusader have been struggling to inspire others to write for the newspaper.

On the other hand, I'm also hearing complaints from other journalism emphases that they are struggling for practicum hours.

How is this possible? We have the extra space and yet no writers.

The other sections (News, Living & Arts and Sports) are also suffering.

The editors sometimes have to take one or even two extra articles, which usually hinder our normal position responsibilities. As if 15 hours a week working on this newspaper (on top of classes and homework assignments) wasn't enough.

Journalism emphases and interested writers need to step up. Not only would your work benefit The Crusader and its editors' workloads, but most of all, the experience will benefit you.

As students, you will improve in class by having that extra practice.

As future journalists, you will have something to put on your applications and clips that you can show off to potential employers.

As people, you will gain confidence through your published works and friendships with people who enjoy the same thing you do.

I really do love putting this newspaper together. I enjoy working together as a team and I know I'm truly growing as a writer.

But those extra 15 plus hours are slowly becoming more of a burden and an extra stress than an enjoyable experience. I know with that extra help and acknowledgement of that hardworking newcomer can make all the difference.

So please, when you see that "We Want You!" advertisement in the paper every week or a sign in the hallway that encourages you to express your opinion for Forum, just show up to our meetings or shoot us an e-mail. I'm sure we'll have something for you to do.

Students use poor etiquette

When Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito approached the podium in Weber Chapel this past Monday, he commented on the wonderful turnout from students and members of the community.

Unfortunately, much of that audience left after Alito finished his speech, a mere 10 minutes after eight that evening.

After his closing remarks, a herd of students rushed and clamored out of the doors. For what reason?

Had the fire alarm gone off? Were they running for the nearest fire exit?

Had they all signed up to participate in a marathon that started in the doorway of Weber with the finish line being their dorm rooms?

Perhaps those are reasons, but a more likely answer is that these people had "better" things to do than continue to listen as Arlin and Neysa Adams were honored in this rededication ceremony. The students had accomplished their class requirements or had their fill of speeches for the evening.

As the night continued, the crowd kept shrinking. The numbers continued to dwindle after Allan Sobel's speech and even more following Judith Adams' talk about how important her parents have been in her life.

I can't imagine anything quite as unnerving as giving a heartfelt speech about one's parents and seeing dozens of people exit afterwards, knowing that none could have cared less.

Fortunately, Sidney Apfelbaum cut some of the tension in the room when he welcomed friends, family and those in the audience that decided to stay. The audience had a good laugh over it. Maybe they too felt uncomfortable, even embarrassed by the exodus of half of the auditorium. I know I was.

Students of Susquehanna should do their best to represent and give a good image for their school. That night, many of you made us look terrible in front of the faculty, administration, townspeople, and others visiting that evening.

I think it is bad enough that it happened in front of a Supreme Court justice. There on the stage was one of the most important figures in the United States government, at Susquehanna for the first time, and his memory will likely be that of a student body apparently caring very little about how their college is represented.

Worse, I feel greatly embarrassed by how we were represented in front of the Adams family. Here are two wonderful individuals that have made many contributions to our school over the years, and a great number of students concerned with more "pressing issues" cannot give this couple and their family an extra 40 minutes of their time by staying for the dedication.

Consider how you present yourself next time there is an event like this on campus. If you plan on going, don't cut out early unless you have an obligation you must attend to immediately. Sit in the back of the room and exit quietly, not like a herd of elephants that we saw the other night.

You can embarrass yourself, but please try not to embarrass the rest of us.



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