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February 06, 2009
Vol. 50 No. 14

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Student melds business, music

Courtesy of Blake Mosser
Outstanding-- Junior Blake Mosser juggles majors in business administration and music while participating in multiple campus groups.
A double major in business administration and music with a concentration in piano, junior Blake Mosser has proven himself a quintessential example of a man who is getting the most out of his education at Susquehanna.

Mosser has made quite a name for himself in his time at Susquehanna.

In addition to the many demands of his two majors, Mosser is manager of the University Choir, accompanies many performers outside of what is required, and participates in activities such as SU SPLASH, the Hurricane Relief Team and SU CASA.

"It can be hard sometimes to find a balance," Mosser said. "Sometimes you wonder, should I practice? Or should I do homework? You always have to be pushing to get stuff done."

However, Mosser seems to get the job done, and done well.

"Blake continually achieves at a high level. He started at a high level when he arrived here, and he keeps getting higher," Nina Tober, head of the music department said.

"He's really getting a lot out of what Susquehanna has to offer," she continued.

Dr. Alicia Jackson, dean of the business school, agreed with Tober.

"Blake is an accomplished musician, but also a fantastic business student," Jackson stated. "He's an accomplished man in whatever he app-roaches."

Mosser has earned two honors within the music department.

He has earned the Elizabeth G. Eyster Award in Music, which is presented annually to an outstanding junior student whose performance and academic accomplishments give promise of future outstanding musical achievement.

Mosser has also earned the Mary Steele Piano Scholarship which is annually awarded to a sophomore who shows sufficient talent to complete the courses for a degree in music.

Tober said that while here, Mosser has grown in confidence and extensively broadened his abilities.

He's branched out into a lot of different areas musically as a result of his accompanying. As a result of his accompanying, Mosser collaborates with several different types of people.

"Blake is a just a great person to work with. He's very talented, reliable, efficient and overall well-mannered and professional," Tober said.

Aside from his music department accomplishments, Mosser has achieved a fair amount in the business world as well. A traveler, Mosser will be visiting Chennai, India this summer as a result of being honored with one of the prestigious Stein Scholar-ships for International Internships.

This program enables selected students to travel abroad for a summer pursuing a field related to their studies at Susquehanna.

Students are selected for this honor through the use of several criteria, some of which includes their academic record, relation to the department and use of opportunities presented to them.

"I like to get a taste of how the majority of the world lives," Mosser said. "I really like the idea of experiencing life different than what you've grown up used to."

Mosser is traveling to India to intern in a human resources and consulting department.

Mosser explained, that in India there is a high turnover rate with job employment. Employees will often be trained in a certain area and then be dismissed as early as the following year.

Mosser would like to find a way to bring in the top people and keep them where they are.

After graduation, Mosser intends to follow the business route of his education to work in finding sustainable forms of alternative energy.

Mosser said many places are becoming industrialized in the world and if they begin their society with environmentally friendly awareness, it won't be as difficult to keep them that way.

Whatever his endeavors, it seems Mosser is able to accomplish them.

"Blake knows what he wants and knows how to get there," Jackson said.



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