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February 13, 2009
Vol. 50 No. 15

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The Chaplain's Corner

In his song, "My Little Town," Paul Simon wrote:

"After it rains, there's a rainbow, and all of the colors are black.
It's not that the colors aren't there; it's just imagination they lack."

Among-or perhaps underlying-the various crises currently troubling our nation, I suggest that there is a crisis of imagination. A few examples:

-- When, in the political and economic realms, people believe that the only viable future is one that represents the mere persistence of the past, imagination is lacking and options for a more just ordering of society are foreclosed.

-- When, with regard to global warming and global poverty, people resort to denial or despair, imagination is lacking and creative solutions are precluded.

-- When, in the religious realm, people cling to the notion that truth is merely a matter of facts and only facts are true, imagination is lacking and faith is reduced to intellectual assent to a set of proposals.

A just world populated by people at peace with the earth, themselves, each other, and God: imagine that. For imagining it is an indispensible first step toward realizing it.



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