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February 13, 2009
Vol. 50 No. 15

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Tennis player calls for court upkeep

I've found throughout my years shoveling mounds of snow off of my driveway during the brutal winters in Maine that it is easier to get up the driveway when the snow, for the most part, is cleared. I've also noticed that clearing the snow dries off the driveway faster than if I had not.

Although this is a clear fact for most sane people, it seems as if whoever is in charge of maintenance decided to let the school's tennis courts dry off naturally.

I respect the job that they do and certainly understand the physical effects of intensive labor, but the fact of the matter is it could have taken 20 minutes maximum for two shovels to clear away the little snow that was left on the courts on Monday.

If they had handed me a shovel I would have gladly gone to work if it had meant I could have played outdoors instead of in the overcrowded and stuffy field house for our first spring semester practice. There aren't too many days like the one we had on Monday during the middle of February, and if by chance the weather is sunny and in the mid 50s, I prefer to be outside.

Our tennis courts are nice. The pavement is smooth and clear, there are windbreakers on the fences to keep the wind down and the way it is constructed makes it a nice atmosphere to play and watch tennis. Unfortunately, the lack of lights on the courts prohibits night or late-evening tennis to be played. The football field, which is literally right next to the courts, is filled with lights, rightfully so. I know lights may be expensive, but so is $40,000 a year. Who says the lights need to be on all of the time?

What if the tennis teams each had one home match under the lights, while the lights were also turned on until midnight for two or three nights out of the week? That wouldn't be too bad. We could even turn off the water in the fountain near the Degenstein Campus Center to save money.

The spring is almost here, however, and spring means warmer weather and longer days. I don't care what all of the snowboard and skiing fanatics say, but warm weather plus no snow is a good thing.

I am less angry than I was on Monday afternoon. A few of the courts were eventually cleared off (by two players) and this heat wave we are getting has me prepped for an early spring. I'm excited to start playing outside and grilling again.

That's until next week's snow showers.



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