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March 13, 2009
Vol. 50 No. 17

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Editor decries lack of sportsmanship

About three weeks ago I attended a Susquehanna vs. Bloomsburg hockey game. Bloomsburg ended up winning by one goal at the very end, but after the game the first thing I saw was shocking. A father of one of the Bloomsburg players was acting like a child, mocking the Susquehanna team and fans and making gestures that were unacceptable.

If a player on the Bloomsburg team said something inappropriate, their parents would just go along with it or get involved as well. There was a situation in which a teenage boy pulled a girl's hair and the family of this boy simply stood there, doing nothing and the girlfriend backed him up by yelling at everyone.

All of these acts were immature and I became angry to the point where I did say something and stand up for those who were being taunted and criticized. I became miserable afterwards, wondering why something like this happened.

I have never seen such bad sportsmanship. I played volleyball, basketball and softball all throughout high school and have never been in a situation in which I felt unsafe and uncomfortable at a sporting event.

Good sportsmanship is the key to being successful when it comes to sports, and if parents and their children cannot see that then they should not have the right to be involved with any sport.

Parents become so caught up in their children's lives that they seem to live by the particular motto shown in a sneaker advertisement, "You don't win silver. You lose gold." They think winning is everything and in the process dominate the dreams of their children, who may not even want to be the best athlete out on the court or be the one scoring every goal.

I understand if a parent encourages their son or daughter to do well and play as hard as they can, but there is a point where it gets out of hand. This situation that my friends and I were involved in is just one of many examples.

What happened to respect? What happened to maturity? This vision of "winning is everything" came from somewhere. Now Susquehanna, you know this occurred and it is still going to happen. So stand up for what you believe is right when a situation like this may arise like it unexpectedly did to me.



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