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November 20, 2009
Vol. 51 No. 10

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Some teachers aren't teaching

Normally I would not complain about professors and their teaching or lack thereof, but after this semester I am astonished that the people I am paying to provide me with an education are majorly slacking.

I have had many classes cancelled this semester for bogus reasons and have paid for courses in which the professors do not even instruct the students. I am sorry, but aren't they working for me? I thought going to a small, private school meant a strong education and actual teaching unlike large universities who provide teaching assistants.

For the past few years that I have attended Susquehanna I have had little to complain about as far as my education, but after this semester I am shocked. One instance I have encountered involves professors who are doing outside research and work, which I think is really great, but it should not be interfering with my time to be educated. This research should be done outside of class time and, if a class really needs to be cancelled (but only once), then that is understandable.

An even bigger shock is that I have had professors who do not take my concerns into consideration and brush me off as if I am wasting their time. Again, who's paying who here? I am not bashing all professors here at Susquehanna because I have had some incredible ones who are always available and always want to help.

Those who are not doing their jobs can take a few pointers from those who are. Overall, the point of this is not to cause a huge controversy but to make faculty aware that students know they are your employer and should definitely have a say in what you do and in their educations.

Another amazing aspect of this situation is that even when I have given professors terrible reviews, they are still here and have received tenure. Now I know I am not the only one who has a deciding voice in that decision, but there have been many courses in which I am sure I am not the only student who cannot believe they took a course and learned next to nothing. I am a hardworking student and love school and learning, but I think it's very unreasonable to take a course and not learn anything.

Susquehanna should start taking money out of professors' paychecks and refunding the students for classes they miss. I am not paying a professor to cancel class because they have another job either. The purpose of a university is to educate students and prepare them for a career in their specific major.

Many students enjoy when professors cancel class, but I think that they should have an attendance policy like the students, if they cancel class they better have a doctor's note for me to see or else they get a zero for the day, that seems fair to me.

I hope this article does not offend anyone and is taken seriously. It is meant to spread a message that people need to start being aware of how important our education is and the large role that good teachers and less crowded spaces are to a hardworking, knowledge-hungry student.



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