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April 16, 2010
Vol. 51 No. 20

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Editor creates 'alphabet soup' to highlight past four years

Seniors' minds have been on graduation since well before the fall semester began, and by now, one month before the blessed event, it is on the brain almost constantly.
I started to think about the things I would miss most about Susquehanna, and creating this alphabet soup seemed a good way to sort things out.

So here, friends, are my ABCs of what I will remember, appreciate, cherish and miss about dear old Susquehanna.

A: All-nighters in Apfelbaum Hall. I think pulling one of these should be a graduation requirement. Caffeine and sustenance came from the vending machines and inspiration came from who-knows-where, but the assignments always got done...not to mention it was pretty humorous to hear the cleaning staff come in the next morning, just as I was leaving. Oops.

B: Benny's workers. Some of the ladies and gentlemen on that staff have been friendly faces to me for four years, and the greetings and sporadic chats were a lovely portion of those years.

C: Crusader, The. Attending events, writing articles, editing pieces, rearranging layouts, pushing deadlines; so much effort went into creating this publication each week. Surviving week by week with the other editors brought us all together, and I'm grateful to have become friends with them, to have worked with my staff writers and to have been a part of The Crusader.

D: Degenstein Computer Lab. I spent far too many hours there, and probably far too many of those hours on Facebook.

E: Experience. Each day at Susquehanna was a learning experience, whether at a desk in the classroom, a common room in the dorm, a seat in a concert hall or in line at the cafeteria.

F: Freshman year. Oh, freshman year...probably the quickest year of my life, but by far one of the best.

G: Grygiel, Matthew J. We met on the third day of school, started dating one month in and have lasted since then. I can't imagine what Susquehanna would have been like without this kid by my side.

H: Hall, Smith. Best dorm ever, hands down. Our doors were always open, and the greetings, jokes and music were always going. Second floor, north side was obviously the best, but the dorm itself was a leading character throughout freshman year.

I: Intramurals. For us non-varsity athletes, these games were amazing, as were the team names we created, i.e. Smitties Titties and Big Bad Ballers.

J: Jay Lemons, L. Need I say more?

K: Kaszuba, Dave. The best and most enjoyable professor I have ever had.

L: Library, Blough-Weis. I studied and worked in many nooks and crannies of that building, and while I probably didn't enjoy a lot of those moments, the hours spent there definitely paid off.

M: Maroon and orange.

N: "Nights I'll never remember with friends I'll never forget."

O: Orange Street. The site of many fantastic debacles as an underclassman and the site of my home as a senior.

P: Public relations. The major I started with as a freshman and the major with which I will graduate in May. The major I love.

Q: Queen, Homecoming.

R: River, Susquehanna. To have gone to school by something so beautiful, soothing and accessible was awesome. As of press time, I have yet to tube said river, but the situation will be rectified by graduation-I don't care how cold the water is!

S: Sigma Phi Epsilon. A fraternity of which freshmen have (sadly) only heard, of which I was the Sweetheart and through which I met some of the best guy friends I've ever had.

T: Taking shots. I plan on being nicer to my liver post-college, but this practice made for some fun times while I was here.

U: University campus. I know I'm not alone when I say that the beauty of Susquehanna's campus had major sway when it came to deciding to go here and then to feeling at home

V: Vacations, summer and winter. One month in the winter and nearly four months in the summer? Yeah, I will definitely miss those breaks.

W: Waving to people. Susque-hanna is a friendly place, I am a friendly person and greeting people while walking around campus came to be a favorite pastime of mine.

X: XPress, Quark. My fellow editors will understand this one. Not something to cherish, per se, but definitely something we won't soon forget.

Y: Yelling during athletic events. I've always been big on school spirit, and while I may not have known each player on every team, their spirit and mine combined and were strong enough that cheering for them at the top of my lungs just felt right.

Z: Zoller, Coleen. I've never considered myself the philosophical type, but the way she makes people and theories from centuries ago seem so understandable and applicable makes me want to try to more thoroughly understand things of that nature; a mark of an excellent professor.


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