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October 26, 2012
Vol. 54 No. 7

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The Chaplain's Corner

"'Deep and Wide!' 'Deep and Wide!'" That was John's enthusiastic response to the question, "What songs do you want to sing at the Peace Festival?"

John is a resident at the Selinsgrove Center, a local facility for adults with intellectual disabilities. He is also one of about two dozen participants in the annual gathering at Susquehanna known as the Peace Festival.

It is obvious that the residents need one-on-one partners at the festival filled by the Susquehanna community who will share the precious gift of time on the afternoon of Sunday, Nov. 3. What is less obvious but equally true is that we need them.

These children of God whose mental capacities are limited (as if ours were without limit) remind us that God is not in the business of skimming off only the intellectual, moral and spiritual cream of humanity. In the vocabulary of Christian theology, their eagerness to enjoy community with us is sacramental: an earthly and embodied sign of the amazing grace of the God whose love resists the limits human beings too often impose.

A God whose love is extraordinarily "Deep and Wide!" "Deep and Wide!"


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