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October 26, 2012
Vol. 54 No. 7

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Season's end brings change

For college students, October and November are, all around, very difficult months. The beautiful thing that is a month-long winter break is so close, and yet countless papers and exams still loom between you and home. The weather is changing which means Steele is hotter than the heating pads in the training room, while conference rooms in Degenstein can turn you into an icicle. There are also the gingko berries to deal with. Don't get me started on those berries.

But add in the fact that you're a fall athlete and the entire mentality of this portion of the semester changes drastically.

For spring athletes, the end of a season is easier--once it's all over, regardless of your year in school, it's summertime. Especially if you're not graduating at the end of that particular spring semester, it means you get a few months off from college overall, making it easier to forget whatever tough loss may have occurred at the end of your post-season tournament.

But if you're a fall athlete? Not only do you remain at school through these tough losses, but you also see other teams continuing on, and you see both the men's and women's basketball teams starting off with a brand new clean slate. You wish you could rewind time and start back in August's pre-season. Because regardless of how easily two-a-day practices--and don't forget four-per-week team lifting sessions--can be despised, those are still hours you get to spend playing the sport you love. You can still end up in your room at the end of the night and know you gave everything you had, with the knowledge that you've got another chance to do the same in the morning.

To any non-athlete reading this (especially those with friends on one of our many teams), please keep these things in mind. Sure, we athletes complain constantly about being sore--I'm sure my public speaking class is sick of hearing what power jumps did to me at Monday's workout--and, the rest of the time, are either elated or utterly depressed based on the outcome of a game. But when you really get us to open up--over pasta is best, we all love to carb-load--you'll realize this is just another passion of ours.

The same way you might spend hours playing Minecraft or hours dancing in front of the mirror to get that last turn perfect, that is how we athletes feel. But count yourselves luckier than us. Your season doesn't end. Ours does and, sometimes, the timing of that ending proves to be the most difficult part of the season.


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