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February 22, 2002
Vol. 43 No. 16

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Independent angered by article

I am writing in response to the Feb. 1, 2002 article written by Keith Testa, "G.D.I. Welcomes Newest 'Pledges.'" As you welcome your new "pledges," Keith, I have one question for you, "what makes you think any independents are interested in your non-existent, anti-Greek organization?"

You claim to have "Greater Developed Intelligence," yet I would argue that developed intelligence would include a less narrow-minded way of thinking. Suggesting that all fraternity brothers think that they are "the greatest man in the world" indicates that maybe the problem is not with their attitudes, but with your own.

I myself am an independent and have no problem with any of the Greek students with whom I am acquainted. I'm not exactly sure how you rationalize condemning someone for carrying a plastic cup or wearing the letters of their organization.

As an editor of Susquehanna's newspaper, I would think you should realize that the "Forum" page is no place for spouting such ignorance and intolerance. And as a student of Susquehanna, I am appalled and embarrassed that such a bigoted article was printed in our school paper.

It is not a place for our editors to vent their insecurities, nor is it a place to put down campus organizations that help out in both the community and on campus.

I think you would be interested to know that there is more to these fraternities than throwing parties that you can't seem to get into. They help out with the Special Olympics, the Selinsgrove Center, the American Red Cross, Adopt-a-Highway and campus cleanup programs. The list goes on.

As far as stating that they have "sacrifice[d] all [their] individuality" by joining a fraternity or sorority, you could not be more wrong. Every Greek student I know is very much his or her own person.

It is people like you who attach stereotypes to them, although you have never bothered to know them as individuals. And that's fine.

But then don't attack them as if you know anything about them.

Now, do not think I missed the two sentences you wrote acknowledging the fact that "There are many, many individuals in each fraternity on campus that are excellent people, excellent students and excellent men." This is exactly my point.

Thank you for articulating it so clearly for all of us.

Teressa Marcinek



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