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April 23, 2004
Vol. 45 No. 21

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Senior reflects on lessons learned

As graduation day continually draws nearer, I often find myself reflecting back on my stay at Susquehanna University. My experiences here have prompted me to compile a list of what I have learned in the past four years.

Here are 10 perks of attending college in the tiny town of Selinsgrove:

1. The wonderful smell of cow pastures that permeates the air.

2. Where else do you break for horse and buggies?

3. BJ's Rib and Steak House's bongo bongo dip is a legacy in itself.

4. Some of the most fun a student can have are those late night Sheetz or Wal-Mart runs with friends.

5. Listening to the roaring sounds of the Selinsgrove Speedway (yet no one ever goes inside the race track)

6. The parking situation at Susquehanna keeps getting worse every day.

7. Selinsgrove has one main road, "the strip," and without it, the town would be even more boring, if that's possible.

8. Yes, there is a train in Selinsgrove. And yes, it does go by at 8 a.m. on Saturdays.

9. Making it across campus alive without falling on the ice or tripping over a squirrel is a big accomplishment.

10. Susquehanna is a time to start over. If you did not excel academically in high school or weren't the most popular in your class, that does not matter here.

Now, here is some advice I can offer from my personal experiences:

* Living off-campus is more of a hassle than residing on-campus, but is well worth it. Although you have to pay for your own bills and cook for yourself, it feels good to bear this much responsibility.

It prepares you for life in the real world. Unless, of course, you plan to live in your parents basement for the rest of your life.

*College flies by much quicker than high school, even with those all-night studying sessions.

* Never turn right at a red light on Market Street and University Avenue, you will get pulled over.

* Scheduling a class before 10 a.m. is never a good idea.

* Procrastination, no matter who you are, is inevitable.

* Studying abroad or off-campus for a semester is something everybody should experience in their college career. I studied in Washington, D.C. last spring, and it was one of the best decisions I made here.

* The reason to attend Susquehanna is not the "pretty campus," but the quality of professors. Susquehanna professors are more than willing to go out of their way to give each student personalized attention to succeed.

* Applying to graduate school is nothing like the undergraduate admissions process. No one is there to hold your hand. I received this wakeup call last semester when I started looking into graduate schools.

I was unaware that there is no graduate school tours at college campuses. Further, I found that graduate schools are in no hurry to send you an acceptance letter or your financial aid letter.

Whereas undergraduate schools contact you long before graduation in June, graduate schools can notify you midway into the summer, and yet that is all right.

-- Adriana Sassano '04



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