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Ebony Bradley '13

Sociology and Spanish | Reading, Pa.

Walking the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, was a life-changing experience for me.

Susquehanna’s Chief Diversity Officer Lisa Scott had arranged for me to take part in the annual Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage during the spring 2011 semester. I walked right behind members of Congress and other important people like John Lewis and Jesse Jackson, as we re-enacted the 1965 voting rights march. Acknowledging how important that day was in America’s history and how life-changing it was for those who walked the bridge back then, and for us now, was so inspiring.

Touring historic sites over three days, I learned so much I didn’t know before. I spoke with the sister of a young girl who had died in the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham. She described what it was like to hear the bombs going off and what it was like to know Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. So many times during the trip, some amazing person would walk up behind me and strike up a conversation about the civil rights movement. So many unsung heroes deserve to be known. Their personal stories can help people understand better how this movement changed history.

After graduation, I plan to pursue my Ph.D. in sociology with an emphasis in social justice and social organization. I hope to get involved with a great non-profit and eventually teach sociology at the college level.

Being part of LeaderShape really set up everything for me. I made so many connections my freshman year that developed into other amazing leadership opportunities like becoming a Head Resident and member of the Student Conduct Board. I'm excited to be one of the on-site coordinators for the program this year, I feel like I've come full circle and would love to give back. I just got back from a semester-long study-abroad program in Seville, Spain, and I'm anxious to see how I’ll combine my love for Spain and the language with my future in sociology!

The summer before my senior year I worked as an intern at Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia. I learned a little bit of everything. I was not sure of what facet of nonprofit organizations I wanted to get into, so the Habitat staff agreed that it would be best for me to do a little bit of everything to get more of a holistic view of what working in a nonprofit is like. I worked on organizing a volunteer appreciation barbecue, establishing a better relationship between our affiliate and local home improvement stores, and working to increase our number of retired yet able volunteers. I have a strong desire to work with the homeless population and children affected by homelessness. Now that I know more about the “behind-the-scenes” work of a nonprofit organization, I am positive that I want to do this full time.

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