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Emily Burns '14

North Wales, Pa. | Communications major, vocal performance minor

Summer 2014 Update: Emily secured full-time employment as a financial aid IT and data specialist at Gwynedd Mercy University in Gwynedd, Pa.


Productions assistant, Scholastic Inc.

What it’s like to work for Scholastic:

I help with every aspect of planning corporate and external events that take place in Scholastic’s venues. I also work with the corporate communications department, where I am learning the ins and outs of social media and communications. I have even had the opportunity to write for Scholastic’s official blog. My experience has been unforgettable so far!

What I am learning:

Event planning is a very busy field with long hours, and it requires someone who is organized, a good communicator and a great multi-tasker. But after working hard to plan an event, it is an amazing feeling to see it go off without a hitch. This is a career that is very rewarding, and I hope to have the opportunity to remain in this field in the future.

The biggest surprise:

Often when someone thinks of an internship, they imagine grunt work. At Scholastic, this is absolutely not the case. I have been given the opportunity to assist and even lead a number of large projects. I have also been warmly invited to contribute and take part in numerous meetings and events.

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An Interview with Emily and other Scholastic interns

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