Don't Buck Your Future

Don't Buck Your Future is an interactive presentation for high school students that focuses on planning for the future. We cover topics such as financial management, the benefits of higher education, ways to make yourself marketable to higher learning institutions, and ways to afford higher education. The presentation focuses not only on college as a post-high school option, but also on other opportunities such as technical schools, vocational schools, the military, etc.

We understand that high school students are often bombarded with many options and choices at this time in their lives, and our presentation aims to help them understand all the opportunities that lay ahead. We make the presentation interesting by starting with a game that gets students actively involved in the topics. We also have supplemental materials and brochures to summarize what we teach. We feel that we have an advantage when teaching students about this topic because, as college students, we have recently been through the process ourselves.

If you would be interested in having our SIFE team travel to your school and present this program to a few of your classes, please contact Also, if you have an FBLA club at your school, we would be happy to present at one of your club meetings. One of our goals for this project is to train FBLA members on how to present the program so that in the future they can present it to their classmates.