Project SCI

Project SCI began in the Spring of 2006 when SU SIFE forged a partnership with Carmen Rivera, a bilingual educator at the Shamokin Correctional Institute. Ms. Rivera was in need of resources for classes she taught on success skills. Our SIFE team put together an extended curriculum for her classes that centered on interviewing skills and resume writing. We provided kits that contained the lesson plans, master copies, transparencies, and books needed to teach the lessons. Most importantly, we provided these resources not only in English, but also in Spanish.

Since Spring 2006, this project has grown and flourished. Ms. Rivera constantly returns to our SIFE team with positive feedback about how well the inmates respond to our curriculum. Because we have stayed in contact with Carmen, we are able to make improvements and additions to the curriculum whenever necessary.

This year we plan on modifying the curriculum to use with Women in Transition. We also plan to develop a way to track the success of inmates who were educated using our curriculum.