Shop N Save

This presentation and interactive game teaches young students the importance of budgeting their money. Each student is given a paycheck, then given a chance to shop at our “SIFE Store”. Items on the shelf include everything from food to iPod’s. Students are then given surprise events – such as a flat tire. Only those students who have budgeted their money are able to pay for a new tire and continue the game.

We have presented this to numerous classrooms, and each time the students respond extremely well. They have so much fun with their “pretend money” that they often forget that they are actually learning valuable financial management skills that will help them later in life.

Nine presentations are coming up between now and Thanksgiving break! The Shop 'N Save members will be traveling to Selinsgrove as well as Lewisburg school districts to educate the students about the differences between wants and needs and the importance of budgeting their money. More presentations will be scheduled for December and winter break!