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Past Recipients

2010-11 Recipients

Mary Muolo, Manager Donor Relation / Stewardship, Development
Jayme Long, Administrative Assistant, Event Management
Audrey Eroh, Academic Assistant, New Science Building
Susan Rambo, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Dean of SAHC
Joann Antes, Senior Administrative Asst., Administration and Planning
Cindy Moyer, Administrative Assistant, Counseling Center
Lee Kramer, IT Help Deck, Information Technology
Brady Gallese, IT Help Desk, Information Technology
Judy Smith, Housekeeper, Facilities Management
Geneive Henry, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Kathy Clark, Academic Assistant SWSB
Mary Markle, Temporary Administrative Assistant, Student Activities
Dave Kelchner, Programmer / Analyst, Information Technology
Cindy Frymoyer, Administrative Assistant, Health Center
Kathy Straub, Associate Professor Earth & Environmental Sciences
Chuck Hogan, Laborer, Facilities Management
Julie Waltman, Senior Administrative Assistant, Provost Office
Brenda Mull, Director of General Services
Sharon Hummel, Housekeeper, Facilities Management
Linda Scholl, Housekeeper, Facilities Management
John Foltz, New Media Video Lead, Information Technology
Bob Huck, Athletics Maintenance, Athletics 

2009-10 Recipients

Jim Gay, Painter, Facilities Management
Warren Fritz, Central Receiving, General Services
Amanda Lenig, Project Manager & Designer, University Communications
Tami Long, Mailroom Assistant, General Services
Juliet Waltman, Senior Administrative Assistant, Provost
Stephanie James, Senior Administrative Assistant, Office of the VP for Finance and Administration
Connie Trelinski, Administrative Assistant, Facilities Management
Daniel Ressler, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Earth & Environmental Sciences
Pam Heim, Administrative Assistant, Development / Advancement Services
Cheryl Rotzler, Housekeeping, Facilities Management
David Imhoof, Ph.D., Associate Professor, History
Brenda Mull, Director, General Services
Anne Claus, Academic Assistant, Provost
Susan Musser, Administrative Assistant, Library
Robin Nornhold, Electrician, Facilities Management
Kevin Kinney, Electrician, Facilities Management
Paul Smith, Technical Events Producer, IT
Eric Kurtz, Network Engineer, IT
Rob Dunkleberger, Manager Admin Services, IT

2008-09 Recipients

Tami Long, Mailroom Assistant, General Services
David Steinau, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Music Department
Vicki Norman, Administrative Assistant, Development
Pam Aungst, Manager of Operations, Admissions, Admissions
Gloria Snyder, Admissions Systems Technician, Admissions
Wendy Mull, Associate Director of Admissions, Admissions
Scott Hollenbach, Events & Services Coordinator, Campus Activities
Terry Shambach, Electrician, Facilities Management
Dan Kilgus, Locksmith, Facilities Management

2007–08 Recipients

Sheila Fisher, Periodicals/ILL Coordinator
Dale Ovelman, Associate Director of Facilities
Mark Radecke, Chaplain
Carolyn Yordy, Housekeeper, Facilities Management
Kimberly Councill, Assistant Professor of Music
Cindy Frymoyer, Administrative Assistant, Health Center
Anne Claus, Academic Assistant, Departments of Anthropology/Sociology; Economics; History; Political Science
Stephanie James, Senior Administrative Assistant, Office of the VP for Finance and Administration
Jodie Stauffer, Administrative Assistant, Center for Career Services and Office of Multicultural Affairs
Rhelda Brown, Mailroom Manager
Gabe DeMarco, Officer, Public Safety
Andrea Popp, Academic Assistant, SWSB
Joy Forry, Senior Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the SWSB
Susan Rambo, Administrative Assistant, Office of Human Resources & Risk Management
Malcolm Derk, Assistant Director, SU Fund
Nancy Musser, Administrative Assistant, Chaplain's Office
Eric Knepp, Webmaster, Information Technology
Tim Weston, DBA/Technical Analyst, Information Technology
Charity Cook, Academic Assistant, Bogar Hall (Departments of Modern Languages and Philosophy, Religion & Classical Studies)
Dana Kemberling, Outgoing Mailroom Manager, General Services
Angelica Long, Administrative Assistant, Financial Aid 
Robin Hart, Housekeeper, Steele Hall

2006–07 Recipients

Scott Moyer, Sergeant, Public Safety
Carrie Ellis, Assistant Director, Admissions
Tracy Karr, Assistant Director, Admissions
April Black, Administrative Director, Health Center
Jodi Swartz, Secretary, Alumni Relations 
Andy Rich, Associate Professor of Theatre/Sceneographer 
Connie Trelinski, Secretary, Facilities Management
Cathy Smith, Human Resources/Payroll
Crystal VanHorn, Faculty Secretary, English and Creative Writing
Pat Wendt, Secretary, Campus Activities and WQSU
Andy Dunlap, Counselor, Health Center
Pam Wolfe, Financial Aid Systems Technician
Brenda Mull, Director of General Services
Dale Ovelman, Assistant Director of Facilities Management
Lillian Mundo, Assistant Director of Admissions & Coordinator of Recruitment System
Margie Briskey, Health Center Nurse
Eric Kurtz, Network Engineer
Juanita Young, Housekeeper, Facilities Management
Thomas Evangelista, Custodian - Garrett Sports Complex

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