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Horn Lectureship

Kathy Straub, Ph.D.Kathy Straub, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences


This year’s recipient of the Horn Lectureship earned her Ph.D. from Colorado State University at Fort Collins and joined the Susquehanna University faculty in 2002. An atmospheric scientist, her field of research focuses on intraseasonal variability of the tropical atmosphere, particularly the initiation of the Madden-Julian Oscillation. She has been well published in leading journals such as the Journal of Climate, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society and others. Her work is supported through National Science Foundation grants.

Straub teaches Weather and Climate, Introduction to Meteorology, Tropical Climate and Climate and Global Change. She is very involved in many sustainability initiatives on campus including an environmental audit, greenhouse gas inventory and she was instrumental in developing the Sustainability Committee. A nominator noted “More than anything, I think her leadership on sustainability and environmental issues on campus has transformed [campus] thinking. Commitments to LEED certified buildings, recycling programs, the Sustainability House, and conversion to cleaner energy sources are just some of the ways that the campus has been changed by her leadership...”

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