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Support Teaching Cells

The Center for Teaching and Learning supports a variety of faculty networks that provide a forum where SU professors can share their experiences and seek advice from one another—while at the same time building collegiality. 

These various peer networks, described below, have one important element in common. All of them emphasize flexibility—that is, participating faculty determine how frequently to meet and what pedagogical topics to discuss. 

  • Teaching cells.  Faculty are paired with two or three peers. Cells meet periodically to discuss teaching tactics, classroom challenges etc.  Cells can be formed within or across disciplines, depending on the preference of the participants.
  • Putting the ‘Ped’ in Pedagogy.”  A mobile approach to teaching cells, SU’s “Putting the ‘Ped’ in Pedagogy” program is a talk-while-you-walk initiative that pairs faculty who talk about teaching while they walk for exercise. Participants choose where to walk (indoor track, around campus, around town) in addition to determining the frequency, length and pace of their walks.
  • Mentoring relationships.  For newer faculty who want to avail themselves to the advice of an experienced instructor, the Center for Teaching and Learning suggests a one-on-one mentor relationship. 

If you are interested in participating in any of these programs, contact Dave Kaszuba, director of the Center for Teaching and Learning (kaszuba@susqu.edu). The center can match interested participants with one another, suggest discussion topics and fund activities that encourage peer-to-peer dialogue.  

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