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The Center for Teaching & Learning

Welcome to the Susquehanna University Center for Teaching and Learning, where the focus is on helping faculty create dynamic, engaged learning environments that stimulate student curiosity and intellectual discovery.

Whether you’re a first-year faculty member or a tenured professor, the center wants to help you continue to evolve as an educator.

Here are some ways the center can aid your professional development:

Provide grants

Grants of up to $500 are available to support innovations in teaching.  Get more information.

Support teaching cells

If you’re interested in joining a small group of faculty to periodically discuss teaching tactics—or would like to be paired with a faculty mentor—the center can get you connected.  Get teamed up. 

Host workshops

The center frequently hosts workshops and lunches where faculty can learn about teaching strategies and share ideas. Invitations are sent via email and events are promoted on the e-newsletter. Suggest a workshop topic.

Meet with individual departments

If faced with a teaching challenge or classroom concern that is specific to your department, consider inviting the center to sit down and discuss it.  The center can investigate what printed resources are available on the subject. Also, the center might be able to provide a department-specific workshop that is tailored to address the issue. Set up a meeting.

Other services

  • Support development of Central Curriculum courses
  • Provide books and articles about teaching
  • Meet with individual instructors 
  • Observe classroom interaction

For more information, contact Dave Kaszuba, Ph.D., director, Center for Teaching and Learning.

Office hours by appointment, Apfelbaum Hall 103

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