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Pure Water

Pure Water - Destiny Arturet '12 (International Studies)

"This is a water purifier that I helped build in the village of Dogobom. Our group made four within the span of six hours."

Remembering the Flag

Remembering the Flag - Matthew Getz '12 (International Studies)

"In this picture is the monument to the national flag, which celebrates the city's heritage as the birthplace of Argentina's flag. The fire you see never goes out and serves to constantly rekindle feelings of national pride."

5-Storied Pagoda in the Downpour

5-Storied Pagoda in the Downpour - Scott Polhemus '12 (Creative Writing)

"In Japan, traveling to Nikko as a pilgrimage is a common undertaking, and of the many sacred structures situated within Nikko, the Five-Storied Pagoda is one of the most revered."

Masimine and His Wife

Masimine and His Wife - Steven Bucsok '13 (Creative Writing)

"Masimine was our translator's neighbor. While in Tshani Village we learned how men used to meet women. It was a fascinating story that became very real when he introduced us to his wife."

Sedlec Ossuary

Sedlec Ossuary - Andrew Gnan '12 (Psychology)

"Centuries ago, the monks ran out of room in the cemetery. To make room, they dug up the graves and used the bones to decorate the church. I liked this picture because it depicts a couple having a moment in a setting that is anything but romantic."

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All Susquehanna University students who have studied away are encouraged to participate in an annual photography contest. This gallery showcases the work of a number of entrants.

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