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Traditional Xhosa Village

The above photograph was taken along the Wild Coast in the Eastern Cape. This area was once called “The Kingdom of Transkei.”


Xhosa Wedding Attire

The Xhosa people are speakers of Bantu languages living in South Africa. Students spend a week immersed in traditional Xhosa culture in Mdumbi, a village on the coast.



This photograph was taken at the Amphitheatre Backpackers hostel in Northern Drakensberg.

Mdumbi Beach

Overlooking the Indian Ocean

Taken from Mdumbi Beach.

Biesmielah restaurant

Biesmielah restaurant

The Dutch brought Indonesian and Malay slaves to their colony in the Western Cape, and so today in Cape Town we can eat rich, spicy curries, with just a hint of Asia in them. Here, students get an enormous banquet and a culinary lesson.

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Through GO South Africa, experience a rich blend of cultures, a uniquely compelling history, and a collection of wildlife not found anywhere else in the world.

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