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Exterior image of the Natural Sciences Center built in 2010

Natural Sciences Center

Construction of the building, which took two years, was completed in 2010.

Exterior shot of Natural Sciences Center entrance that shows 75,000 square foot length

Natural Sciences Center entrance

At 75,000-square-feet, the new science facility is the largest academic building on campus. It houses 19 teaching and research labs, 30 prep and support spaces, and a rooftop greenhouse.

Interior shot of modern design of Natural Sciences Center lobby

Natural Sciences Center lobby

The building’s interior architecture embodies a sleek, modern design.

Shot of lab space that's design integrates lab and lecture learning styles

Natural Sciences Center laboratory

The room design supports collaborative, integrated lab and lecture learning.

Students seated comfortably in traditionally designed classroom that faces projector screen

Natural Sciences Center classroom

The building is equipped with only two traditional classrooms so students can focus on the hands-on experience.

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