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Jennifer Sacher Wiley, D.M.A.

Associate Professor of Music

The essence of a college music department is its consistent state of transformation and progress. Students arrive here and instantly begin to develop in our vibrant community. Their metamorphosis continues as they engage in our theory, music history, music education, community teaching experiences, and performance opportunities.

At Susquehanna University, I have been given the distinct and rare privilege of teaching the violin students and directing our orchestra program. Each day, I follow in the footsteps of great violin pedagogues such as Dorothy DeLay, Ivan Galamian, and Josef Gingold. It is also my responsibility to expose our students to the great symphonic tradition of our Western Classical culture, led by such giants as James Levine, Eugene Ormandy, and Leonard Bernstein. The list of these master teachers and conductors is ever expanding—joined, ultimately, by Susquehanna graduates.

As the violin professor and orchestra director, I lead and nurture student growth on an intimate level (through private lessons) and from an eagle’s view (on the conductor’s podium). It is a unique career that enables a professor to shape and guide young musicians from these distinctly different vantage points.

After fifteen years of teaching at Susquehanna, I have also had the privilege of watching the school and music department, as a whole, develop. I am proud of the role Susquehanna plays in the future of young scholars, and in the global musical community.

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