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Jim Grose

Head Rowing Coach

Rowing is a great team sport because, when you’re in that boat, you not only need to count on yourself, but you also understand that others are counting on you, just as you are counting on them. Even though you can’t see most of your teammates, you can feel what they are doing. It’s excellent exercise and a great way to release stress because you’re out there with nature. We row about 15 minutes north of the campus on Lake Augusta, which is created on the Susquehanna River by an inflatable dam. The bass are jumping around you and you’ll see bald eagles.

Our men and women practice together, and we have everyone from elite athletes to people who’ve never been involved in sports rowing in the same boat. Ninety percent of them have never rowed before, but they are extremely driven and expect themselves and each other to be high achievers.

It’s a tight-knit group. We work out together, we eat together and there’s a real camaraderie. Rowing against varsity teams from Division I Universities in races from New York to Virginia, we don’t always bring home medals, but that doesn’t mean we’re not winners.  I feel proud of my students because they are gaining respect for themselves and each other with every outing. We focus on personal victories, doing better than the day before and getting better each race.

So if you enjoy working with other people and trying something new and exciting, we’ll put you in a boat.

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