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Kaitryn Ronning '15

Davis, Calif. | Biology, Music

Summer 2014 Update: Kaity is interning at Geisinger Health System's Sigfried and Janet Weis Center for Research.


Lab assistant, University of California at Davis, Center for Neuroscience

How I landed the assistantship:

Marie Burns (professor of ophthalmology and vision science at UC Davis and an SU alumna) reached out as an alumna in my hometown before I had even decided which college I was going to attend. It was great to hear from someone on the West Coast who had a lot of success after Susquehanna. We continued sending some emails and with a letter of recommendation from my advisor, this internship really fell into place.

What I am learning:

I am investigating the localization of proteins in different regions of photoreceptor cells of the retina. I have never studied photoreceptors, or even the retina in general, so most of what I am working on is new to me. Likewise, I am learning a lot of new techniques along the way.

How SU has prepared me:

Even after only one year at Susquehanna, I feel much more prepared for not only this position, but for any others to come. Having such a solid foundation in both biology and chemistry to build upon has proven invaluable in helping me understand the new material I have been presented with. Outside of my specific science courses, Susquehanna has helped me look at information from multiple vantage points and to “think outside the box,” which has really allowed me to learn about the retina more quickly and thoroughly.

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